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IV Therapy and Injections in Oklahoma City

What is an IV
An IV is to be considered an intravenous device for delivering electrolyte solutions, medicines, and nutrients. “push” or “bolus” is a rapid injection of medication. A syringe is inserted into your catheter to quickly send the medication into your bloodstream.

How it Helps
IV therapy may be helpful for people wanting to improve their overall health and wellness or who are experiencing the effects of dehydration or viral illnesses. We are all exposed to toxins, stress factors, and free radicals in everyday life from our lifestyle and environment.

Be it air pollution, poor diet, stress at work, excessive alcohol consumption and smoking, lack of sleep, and even over-exercising.

Toxins in the body and stress levels bombard you every day, which may greatly affect your concentration and focus and the way your body feels. These toxins slowly build up in your body and when left unchecked, may cause feelings of fatigue and an array of underlying chronic health issues. Symptoms that may present as a result of this build-up are; low energy, fatigue, poor concentration, poor sleep, low mood, frequent cold/flu, allergies, gut issues, and inflammation. All appointments at our facility begin with a thorough consultation with our Doctor. From there we formulate an appropriate treatment plan specific to you and your symptoms.

Energizing B-12 MIC Injections
B-12 MIC Injections, also known as Lipo Injections, help your body use fat and carbohydrates for energy. It is also important for normal blood, cells, and nerves. These injections are also incredibly effective in aiding weight loss. Its components specifically target and release fatty deposits, stimulate metabolism, and increase energy. We also provide standard B-12 injections with our services.

Even for those not looking to lose weight, B-12 can help with many symptoms, including:
• Fatigue
• Difficulty Concentrating
• Poor Memory
• Brain Fog or Confusion
• Lack of Motivation
• Depression
• Nerve Pain
• Numbness and Tingling
• Anxiety
• Obsessive or Compulsive Tendencies

Homeopathic Injections
Injections of B12 yield a variety of benefits especially for those who are nutrient-deficient. B12 is an essential vitamin for the human body because it ensures the proper function and development of the brain, nerves, blood cells, and many other parts.

Vitamin B12 injections are used to increase energy levels, metabolism, and blood count. It is particularly beneficial for those with anemia or B12 deficiency, which is mostly found in older people, because it helps to boost blood count levels and aids in the prevention of further deficiency or pernicious anemia. It is safe and frequently recommended for regular use and used in combination with other homeopathic products or supplements for optimal results.

Traumeel or Heel Homeopathic Injections
Traumeel, also known as Heel, is an inflammation modulator. It also works really well when combined with B12 for nerve inflammation, especially in the feet. Traumeel is often used to subdue trigger points which are discrete, focal, hyperirritable nodules located in a taut band of skeletal muscle. Trigger points often cause decreased range of motion and can aggravate tension headaches and vertebral disc displacement symptoms.

Unlike the traditional western medicine techniques, it is not necessary to reach the exact trigger point to have an effect. It is injected with a smaller needle just over the point that patients can barely feel and is sufficient.

Zeel Homeopathic Injections
Zeel is a homeopathic remedy that consists of five botanical substances, five mineral ingredients, and four animal-derived ingredients. It is used for reducing pain and inflammation as well, but in the skeletal and joint areas. Most recently it has become a very popular treatment for osteoarthritis particularly in the knee. Zeel is known to be highly effective for arthritis/osteoarthritis, rheumatic joint diseases, and for the relief of mild to moderate pain, swelling, and joint stiffness.


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